Justin Bieber Balding – Are the Rumors Really True?

You may have heard about the time when Justin Bieber called out Prince William about his balding. This was around 2012 through a British Magazine known as the Roller Coaster (via the Daily Mail). He basically said that there were products in the market like Propecia that the prince could have used to manage his thinning hair.

It may or may not have been in bad taste, but many people took it as throwing shade.

Well, eight years down the line, it seems like karma may have caught up with Justin. This is because he was spotted in public with noticeably thinner hair. So, is Justin Bieber balding? Let us go deeper into that.

Where did Justin Bieber Balding Rumors Begin?

If you have been keeping up with the Pop singer, you know he had a full mane when he started his career around 2008. It is, therefore, a cause for concern to see his hair noticeably thinner in recent times. You would be forgiven for assuming that he is balding, considering the condition can be inherited.

Justin Bieber with a full mane in 2008
Why do we talk about inheritance?

A quick search on Justin Bieber’s dad, and what you will find are images of a man with a thick beard with a hat always on. Many people have speculated that he is bald because he is hardly ever spotted without a hat nowadays. (This was not the case in the past).

The fact that Justin talked about Propecia also fuels the speculations. Many people argue, how would he know about Propecia, especially at a young age, if he was not using it, or knows someone who does?

Our Take About Justin’s Hair Loss Speculations

We cannot deny that Justin’s hair looks different from the time he launched his career up to now. However, you have to consider that when he was starting, he was only a teenager. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you that his hair was growing wildly at the time.

Moreover, the Canadian singer began donning a new hairstyle and experimenting with different haircuts sometime in 2013.


Our take is that there is no solid evidence to confirm that Justin Bieber is balding. All there is in the media are his photos and assumptions. 

That said; 

We cannot rule out the fact that his old man may be balding. And since the condition can be inherited, we may see Justin exhibiting the same in the future. You can expect to see Justin Bieber balding or with less hair when he gets to his late 30’s or early 40’s. Of course, this is only if he is actually losing hair.

As you can see in the picture below, the pop singer appeared to be experiencing some kind of hair thinning.

Justin's hair around 2015

Final Verdict – Is Bieber Really Suffering From Hair Loss?

So, is Justin Bieber’s a case of a bad haircut or male pattern baldness? We cannot tell for sure. But, if he is balding, there is always a solution out there. For instance, he could undergo hair transplants since money is not an issue to him. This is, of course, if he doesn’t want to walk around with a bald head.

However, since that is yet to (officially) happen, he could choose to use supplements rich in ingredients like Saw Palmetto and Biotin to control the production of the DHT hormone in his body. This should keep his hair looking healthier and voluminous in the meantime.

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