Enrique Iglesias: Does He Wear a Wig?

With so many people asking whether Enrique Iglesias is going bald, we’re left wondering if it could actually be true. After all, he did exhibit some kind of receding hairline back when he was younger.

Not to mention, this pop-star always has a comb-over hairstyle that hides his hairline. As if that’s not enough, he has zero temple points and almost always appears wearing a hat in public.

Is Enrique Iglesias going bald? Photos of him with a hat and his signature combover style

As such, many netizens believe that Enrique probably underwent a hair transplant. On top of that, most Redditors seem to want to believe that he wears a toupee or a wig.

So, the question is, are stories about his hair transplant real? Well, keep reading to find out this and much more.

Is Enrique Iglesias Going Bald and is there Any Evidence?

There is no definite answer to this question since the pop star has ever addressed this issue. However, some pointers make us believe that he could be going bald.

For instance, he is known to always comb his hair forward. This kind of style is considered to be a classic cover for receding hairline.

As if that’s not enough, he hardly ever appears without a hat in public, including when performing on stage. And when he is away from the stage, you will spot him wearing some headgear all the time. This makes us wonder, what exactly is he hiding beneath?

Additionally, he once refused to take off his hat during an interview with the Daily Mail. His response was, “I love It. Girls generally like it and it makes me more mysterious”.

And Now This…

During another interview with George Lopez, Lopez tried to reach out to touch Enrique’s hair. However, the pop star did not give him the chance to do so. This, therefore, makes us think that it is probably true that Enrique does wear wigs and he’s not comfortable with anyone discovering his ‘little secret’.

So, far, the only evidence that exists about Enrique’s mysterious receding hair is this dated photo. The first photo was supposedly taken back in 1996.

Enrique Iglesias alleged bald photo from 1996

However, when we tried conducting a reverse search of it, we could not fully establish its original source. The photo appears mainly to be posted by hair transplant websites probably looking to gain traction riding on the celeb’s good name.


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Are Stories About Enrique’s Hair Transplant Real?

Overall, we could not gather any concrete evidence to prove that Enrique Iglesias has ever undergone a hair restoration exercise. The stories about his hair transplant are merely speculations.

Besides, his dad Julio Iglesias has perfect-looking hair even at 77 years of age. So, if he is truly a chip of the old block, chances are that our boy Enrique equally has a perfect hairline naturally.

But if it ever happens that he actually underwent a transplant, then it must have been done by a really good surgeon. Or maybe, he uses something like Propecia, Minoxidil, or a natural supplement to keep his hair looking perfect. But again, these are just speculations.

Final Word

Overall, whether the stories about Enrique’s hair transplant are real or not, the truth is that he has great hair. Only he can tell us if he underwent a hair restorative procedure or if he actually does wear a wig.

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