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We are independent researchers with extensive experience in sampling out hair supplements. We’re also skilled in DIY stuff and that explains why we often share home remedy suggestions that our readers can try on their own at home.

In other words, this website is all about you. We’re all about simplicity. We’re all about perfection.

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Whether you’re facing hair loss or simply looking for ways to strengthen your current crop of hair, we’ve got the suggestions to help you in that.

Our content stands out because it’s:

  • Independently written
  • We don’t sugar-coat anything
  • We listen to our audience

What to Expect from Us

Honesty is our other name. We’ve been silently researching on the best hair care practices for years. All along, we have been gathering facts and figures which we confidently use to arrive at key conclusions whenever we compile our articles.

Talking about articles, we’ve got content in the following main categories:

Hair Health

This is a special category in our website that provides general guidelines and stories about hair health. So, if you’re looking for case studies, interesting facts, or a bit of science, this is the place to be. Some of our top articles in this category are:

1. Elon Musk’s Hair Regrowth: How Did He Do It?
2. Best Hair Loss Forums: Our Top 10 Picks

Home Remedies

Want to prepare some hair care remedies at home? Worry not. Our expertly written how-to guides are all you’ll need. We break them down into easy-to-understand steps so you can have lots of fun every step of the way. Our leading how-to guides are:

1. How to Use Flaxseed Gel for Hair Loss Control
2. 6 Natural Minoxidil Alternatives For Home Use


Are you considering trying out a new hair health supplement? Perhaps you’re looking for a product that can help you re-grow your bald patches? Our unbiased reviews have the details you need to make an independent decision. Of all the reviews we’ve written here are the top ones:

1. Folexin Review: The Best Hair Loss Supplement?
2. HairoNex Supplement in Review: Our Honest Opinion

The Hairy Jimbo Team

We are a team of three awesome people. We enjoy working together but above all share a common objective which is to inform and educate our audience.

John Dublin

John Dublin from Hairy Jimbo

He’s our resident research analyst and quality assurance guy. He spends most of his time digging through various scientific studies on peer-reviewed journals. John currently resides in Addiscombe, South London.

Gloria Arlington

Blog Portrait

Gloria is our head of content production. She does a great job of identifying new topics that resonate with the needs of our lovely audience.

James Kerry

James Kerry author HairyJimbo

The Hairy Jimbo lead researcher and editor. He boasts 7+ years of research experience in natural and herbal remedies. James resides in Chicago, Illinois.

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