Folexin Review: The Best Hair Loss Supplement?

If you’ve been spotting balding patches on your head of late you might feel frustrated. But you don’t have to let that define you! And that’s why in the following Folexin review, we’d like to talk about a product that’s widely believed to reverse hair loss and strengthen thinned hair strands.

Folexin Bottle and Capsules in Review article

The product is a blend of vitamins and natural herbs that have been used since time immemorial and studied by leading scholars and dermatologists from across the world.

So far, many people seem satisfied with the results this supplement claims to deliver. But what does the world of science think about Folexin?

Today we’d like to place this product in the spotlight to see if it really is worth its weight in gold. We’ll particularly be keen to point out its flaws as well (which is something most shill reviews would never do).

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Review of the Folexin Supplement: What Is It?

According to the manufacturer’s website, this is a hair loss vitamin supplement that’s made up of natural ingredients. It is thought to promote hair growth, encourage the restoration of healthy hair in areas of the head experiencing balding or thinning.

What we know so far is that to support hair growth, you need to get to the root of the problem. In most cases, the following are the root causes of premature hair loss:

  • Hormonal changes e.g. from testosterone to DHT
  • Bad hairstyles e.g. poorly done ponytails
  • Excessive and prolonged stress
  • Use of certain medications or medical processes
  • Use of bad hair styling products e.g. flat irons

Experts from across the world have confirmed that indeed, it is possible to re-grow lost hair as long as the hair root is still present. The only time you lose the hair root or follicle is when you’ve had scarring alopecia or a terrible accident that completely damages your scalp.

Otherwise, in most cases of baldness or thinning, the hair root is still in place only that it has become dormant or weak. And that’s where this hair supplement purports to help.

How It Works

Folexin Review

Within the product is a generous supply of Biotin (600 ug). According to the latest scientific studies, Biotin deficiency can significantly contribute to the loss of hair.

The peer-reviewed Skin Appendage Disorders Journal of Karger Publishers reports that Biotin’s use “as a hair and nail growth supplement is prevalent.” However, the same study points out that research demonstrating its efficacy is quite limited at the moment (Source).

Folexin Contains More Than Just Biotin

Unlike other products available out there which are solely based on Biotin as the active ingredient, Folexin contains a lot more.

One particular ingredient on its supplements fact sheet that caught our attention is the Saw Palmetto. Known scientifically as Serenoa repens, this natural ingredient has tons of scientific research backing up its efficacy as a hair loss reversal tool.

The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology reports that Serenoa repens may have a role to play in reconverting Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) into testosterone (Source). Note that DHT is a well-known cause of hair loss out there.

What’s more, in 2009, the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery noted that although larger studies needed to be done (at that time) to ascertain its effects in self-medication use, its side effects are uncommon (Source). In a nutshell, it’s quite safe to use.

Yet another peer-reviewed journal “European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences” noted the following about Saw Palmetto “Serenoa repens promoted hair growth and repair of hair loss mouse models…” (Source).

And There’s More!

To complement the effects of Saw Palmetto and Biotin, Folexin also provides you with a host of hair regrowth ingredients. Some of these have been used since time immemorial and include:

– Horsetail Extract
– Fo-Ti
– Folic Acid
– Nettle Root
– Zinc Oxide


List of Ingredients

Does Folexin Really Work?

Having taken a scientific look at each one of its ingredients, we’d like to say that we are satisfied that this can help restore hair growth. However, it seems best suited to deal with baldness and thinning due to:

-Extreme stress
-Bad hairstyles
-Hair loss in men due to hormonal changes
-Losses due to the use of heating irons
-Vitamin deficiencies e.g. by re-stocking Biotin

That said, it might not help much in some situations. Among such situations are hair loss due to medical processes like chemotherapy or permanent (deep) scarring of the scalp.

Another thing, Folexin isn’t a magic pill. As you know, hair growth is a slow but steady process. It’s like watching the grass grow on the lawn. There’s no way you’re going to witness any noticeable growth within a few quick days.

Most scientific studies we examined had the subjects use the individual ingredients for up to 100 days. We wouldn’t expect Folexin to work any faster than that (but might be slightly faster owing to the fact that it uses premium ingredients).

But don’t take our word for it…

Folexin Reviews

We did a random check on some of the customer reviews posted on independent online platforms e.g. Reddit, Amazon, and Site Jaber. Here are some of the screenshots we gathered for you.

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To break it down for you…

Screenshot one is a review posted by a user called Nakaman ( a verified buyer on Amazon). The user claims that they started seeing benefit from this product after using it for a month.

That’s quite fast! But we want to believe that he/she probably was only dealing with minor symptoms of hair loss. Typically, the earlier you start using the supplement, the easier it will be for you to regrow your hair back.

The second testimonial is posted by an anonymous user but verified user. Although she is yet to see the benefits of using the supplement, she is glad that there have be no side effects so far. That’s quite promising.

In December 2019, yet another anonymous user posted their assessment of the Folexin supplement noting that besides their hair health improving, they also feel energetic upon taking the pills.

More Assessments

On a site called SiteJabber, we came across an evaluation from a user “Angry J” who seems to like the product too.

In total, we came across tens of independent assessments by consumers. Fortunately, a vast majority of them give this product thumbs up.

We’ll keep updating this section with the latest information as and when we receive it.

Benefits of Folexin

There are quite a few things we like about Folexin hair loss vitamin pills. The first thing is that it contains all-natural ingredients. So, this assures you that what you’re putting in your body is basically earth-grown nutrients.

Another thing, we like the fact that this product is made right here in the USA. What’s more, it is made in a manufacturing plant that meets the GMP standards and FDA guidelines (in Richmond, VA).

You see, the good thing with ordering locally made products is that you’re sure someone is looking out for your safety. That’s not always the case when dealing with products made overseas.

The company behind Folexin is known as VitaBalance. Their website doesn’t say when they were established but as far as we know they were in existence long before 2013. That’s because the first time we came across Folexin was in April of 2013 through a friend who recommended it to one of our team members.

We have been tracking the company’s performance over the last 7 years or so and so far we’re amazed by their professionalism as in:

  • Helpful customer support
  • Fast shipping (tracking number provided)
  • Secure data encrypted connection on their website
  • Professionally packaged product
  • Awesome customer support (did we just repeat that!)

3 Flaws with the Product

1. It’s partly made up of a proprietary blend so we can’t exactly how much of Saw Palmetto, Fo-Ti,  L-Tyrosine, PABA, Bamboo Extract, Spirulina, Alfafa or Horsetail Extract is in it.

Proprietary Blend of Folexin Ingredients

2. The product contains soy and so if this is something you don’t want to see in your diet, then Folexin isn’t the right product for you.

3. Some of its ingredients e.g. Biotin may not be safe to take if you’re pregnant. Talk to your doctor about this if you think you’re expectant prior to trying this supplement.


Let no one fool you that this is a perfect product that will transform your hair as if by magic. As we have noted time and again in this Folexin review, hair loss and regrowth is a complex issue. It would take days even for the most effective natural hair restoration formula to work.

After all, Rogaine (Minoxidil) takes 6 months to work! Viviscal takes roughly 3 months to deliver any traces of hair re-growth! And yet from the reviews we gathered, Folexin results are commonly reported in 10 to 20 weeks.

Quite frankly, we think that Folexin is grossly underestimated out there. And if you’re reading this as part of your private research on how to stop hair loss and thinning, this is a product we’d highly recommend trying.

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  1. MaryAnn Naiberk

    I like your reviews but I am trying to a find a product to help with hair loss without Iron. Im still researching because it seems every hair supplement has Iron in it and I have normal Iron levels and stomach upset is a big deal to me. Hence not everyone needs Iron supplements. Keep giving honest reviews , I appreciate it.

    1. James Kerry

      Hi MaryAnn, thanks for your comment. Have you tried Viviscal? Though a little pricy, it doesn’t contain iron and is backed by some pretty good reviews and studies. Check the official website here. Our only issue with it is that it contains L-Cystine and L-Methionine though in relatively small quantities (those two are thought to be toxic if taken in extremely high dosages).

      Best Regards

  2. Meg Wyld

    I tried Viviscal for six months with no success whatsever. True their word they refunded every penny.

    1. James Kerry

      Viviscal is a legit company, they keep their word. About your hair loss problem, I’d suggest trying to figure out what’s causing it. Is it DHT? You might want to try a DHT blocker (think of Saw Palmetto or Finasteride). Is it due to stress? Be sure to get a good quality stress reliever like Ashwagandha. Is it due to bad hair products or hairstyles? Quit using those. Is it due to medication? Talk to your doctor about it.

      The first step to success is to understand what really is causing your hair to shed. Products like Folexin try to tackle all those potential causes at once, though.

  3. Olivia

    Hi James,
    I have naturally thinning hair, both my parents have fine, thin hair. Neither are bald however, and they don’t have bald patches, just very thin hair. Do you think it’s worth it for me to take anything? I’m 40 yrs old and feel like my thinning hair is just genetic.

    1. James Kerry

      Hi Olivia, if your hair has been getting thinner and thinner over time and you’re concerned that it might affect your personal image, it might be a good idea to try a top-quality hair supplement. But if your hair has always been like that and you’re totally comfortable with it, there’s no need to take anything other than a healthy diet & stress-free living. Some unique styling tricks might also help. Indeed, some supplements can help you if the thinning has just started even when your genes are to blame. Supplements with DHT blockers and biotin can particularly help increase hair growth (or at least slow down the thinning process).

      PS: This is NOT medical advice. Consult a licensed doctor for professional medical advice.

  4. Gary Cuthbert

    I have had thinning hair on my crown for a few years now and i thought i would give follicle fuel a go.

    after using for a couple of years i was not happy with the result although it did bring a small amount of hair back in the first few months and then it stopped.
    I am thinking of giving folexin a try and see what happens. I know my hair will not grow back as it was but would like to at least stop it from thinning any more.
    Also follicle fuel was very expensive .
    I like the sound of folexin and i am eager to try it.
    Thanks for a great write up on this product.

  5. Lisa Volk

    Your reviews are very much appreciated. I’ve been using Minoxidil for several years & it’s been somewhat helpful, but only to a point. I still have big issues on the crown of my head & at my temples.

    There are so many ads shown on every form of media that it’s very difficult to know which of these companies is giving the most honest version of their half-truth. Because…well, you know.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll try the Folexin, based on your thorough review. I’m curious to know if you’ve heard of a product called Scalped? Apparently it contains Minoxidil, and also an ingredient that helps it absorb into one’s follicles in a more effective manner than just using Minoxidil by itself. 🙆‍♀️💁‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🙇‍♀️

  6. Lisa Volk

    Dang auto-correct!@#%!

    The product I’m inquiring about is ScalpMed.

    1. James Kerry

      Curious, what Minoxidil brand have you been using?

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