Wesley Sneijder Hair Journey: How He Recovered from Hair Loss

You probably know Wesley Sneijder for his prowess on the soccer field and that is great. However, today, we want to talk about his hair loss and journey to recovery.

Wesley Sneijder before and after hair
Earlier and more recent photos of Mr. Sneijder’s hair line.

Up until recently, it was obvious that the footballer had lost hair and a lot of too such that his hairline was almost non-existent and the crown was balding.

However, if you follow the star, and had a chance to look at him during the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament, you may have realized that there was some noticeable change with his hair.

Word has it that he had a hair transplant and we have to applaud whoever did the job because it is remarkable, to say the least.

 Anyway, let us look at how he was able to restore his crown, shall we?

The Procedure and ACELL

If you stay up to date with celebrity gossip, then you know that Sneijder’s fresher and younger look was to be expected because word had been going around that he was set for a transplant earlier on in 2013.

The clinic responsible for the procedure allegedly confirmed that the surgery was performed right before Christmas in 2013 and that they used ACELL to enhance the result.

What we are trying to say here is that the football legend probably went through a hair multiplication procedure whereby healthy hair follicles are split. After that, some of the follicles were transplanted to the balding area leaving the healthy follicles to regrow using the ACELL formula.

Now, this is not a procedure that the average person can walk into a clinic and have done. How so? First, it has not been confirmed to be viable and is, therefore, not commercially available.

Moreover, the technology is so expensive. The only thing we can hope for now is that there will be more studies into the procedure to validate it and make it more affordable.

Why the Procedure on Wesley Sneijder Hair?

Granted, only Sneider can tell us why he preferred to take the options he took but our bet here is because he was losing hair and fast too. We know that looks matter in the industry so he must have felt that the hair loss was detrimental to his brand.

Just like every other celebrity, the footballer relies heavily on how he looks to grow his career and remain relevant. He was certainly considering the future especially when he retires from the game. It is important to stay relevant and he probably felt that a balding head would compromise that.

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There have been speculations that Sneijder may have had his scalp micro-pigmented after the surgery. This is because his hair now appears darker in certain areas.

Of course, there is a possibility that the legendary footballer may be using concealer as he heals from the surgery hence the darker patches.

However, if you ask us, we think that the transplant surgery and ACELL connection hold more weight.

Final Thoughts

Here is what we have at this point now that we have come to the end of this article. Wesley Sneijder was losing hair with a receding hairline and balding at the center of his head.

After a while, he was spotted in public with a fuller head of hair. There were speculations that he would be undergoing some sort of corrective surgery and that appears to be the case now.

His hairline is now a few inches forward and there is no bald patch at the center even though the Dutch footballer continues to have his hair in a short crop.

Sneijder is an attractive man even without as much hair, but we can tell you that the procedure did do a great number to his looks.

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