Does Elon Musk Wear a Toupee?

In the mid to late 90s, Elon Musk was in his late 20s and already showing signs of hair loss. Then at some point, either between 2002 and 2003, he spotted a new look i.e. that of a man with an intact hair line. Since then, he has retained this near-perfect look despite the fact that he’s currently in his early 50s.

Might it be that Elon Musk wears a hairpiece? If you’re curious about the secrets behind the Tesla man’s mane stick around as we unpack everything for you.

Any Possibility That Elon Musk Wears a Hair Piece?

Elon Musk does not wear a hair piece. Yup, you read that right. His hair is widely thought to be as a result of a high-quality hair transplant procedure.

To determine whether he wears a toupee or not, here are a few things we analyzed.

Elon Moves His Head Naturally and Confidently

If you have ever taken time to watch Elon do his stuff, you’ll notice just how confident he appears. He moves his head freely without a care in the world. He doesn’t even seem bothered when the wind blows.

His level of confidence suggests that his hair is also deeply rooted – not some cheap wig or something.

Elon Musk confident gait in an article on Elon Musk wearing hair piece
Seen how confident and comfortable Elon is?

Experimenting with Crazy Hair Styles Like only Elon Musk Can

In 2021, Elon was photographed with his “latest haircut” i.e. a mohawk. The Daily Mail described it as a “quirky mohawk”. That’s because it was super short on the sides and shaped as a blunt-cut mop at the top. The longer section of the hair extended down toward his nape tapering off about an inch or so above his hair line.

To be that experimental with haircuts, you have to fully trust your hair. If Elon Musk wore a hair piece, he’d probably want to retain a consistent and near-perfect hair style with the hope of diverting attention from his mane.

That Hairline is not too Dense: Good Job Elon

In most cases, hair pieces, toupees or wigs come ready-made. Most people make the mistake of ordering ones that have too much hair density than the rest of the head.

Now, either Elon Musk has never made this mistake or he simply doesn’t wear a hair piece because his hair density seems consistent and realistic.

A caricature of Elon Musk gesturing used as part of article on Elon Musk not wearing a hairpiece
Caricature of Elon Musk gesturing created by Fearedvexation on IMGBIN

Final Thoughts on Elon Musk Wearing a Hair Piece

Hair experts from all walks of life seem to agree on one thing – that Elon Musk does not wear a hair piece and that he probably underwent a hair transplant surgery.

Unfortunately, unlike Ashton Kutcher, Elon doesn’t seem willing to divulge more information about the trick he pulled to re-grow his fast receding hair line of the late 90s.

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  1. Peter

    So where did all that hair come from ? In fact Musk was going prematurely bald and his donor area would have been quite limited . I’ve had 3 transplants and it’s nowhere as luxuriant as his hair. Not by a country mile !

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