Andy Roddick Hair Loss Story: A Story of Transformation?

Do you know Andy Roddick? Yes, the tennis pro. This has nothing to do with his performance on the court but his hair loss and recovery journey.

First, you want to keep in mind that tennis is a looks-centered sport because the camera is usually on your face. Back to Roddick, he started losing hair in his early 20’s but it was not as obvious.

Andy Roddick
Andy Roddick: Image courtesy

That must have made him a bit insecure so he began wearing a hat. In 2010 however, he had an incident where he was diving for the ball and his hat fell off.

Fast forward to now, he no longer has that bald patch at the back of his head. We are not sure about this, but we have a feeling that he may have had a transplant.

Of Andy Roddick and His Hair Transplant Story

Essentially, a hair transplant involves the removal of tiny grafts of hair from healthy follicles and relocating them to a thinning or balding area.

For Roddick’s case, he was born with a full head of hair. However, he developed a bald spot at the back of his head over the years and what we know about that is that it is highly likely to have been caused by alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that causes the body to mistake hair follicles as foreign. The body then attacks them and that is what causes balding.

What’s More…

Now, you may need several surgical sessions to achieve the fullness that you desire and a healing interval is recommended between sessions.

On average, it takes about 2 years before you can see the results of a hair transplant. Andy was balding from 2004-2021 and we are not saying that he necessarily had a transplant. For all we know, he may have been taking hair growth supplements.

We just feel that he may have gone the transplant way as it delivers faster results and more permanent.

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Final Thoughts

They say that it is important to embrace and accept oneself regardless of existing insecurities but that is easier said than done.

For some people accepting thinning hair or a bald head is not an option and that has a lot to do with their self-esteem. It gets worse when you are in the limelight like Andy Roddick is.

People were certainly talking about his hair or the lack of it thereof and seeing as his career depended significantly on his looks, it is no wonder then that he opted to do something about his balding head.

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