Folix 22 Review: Our Two Cents

Folix 22 is a hair serum made up of natural ingredients. The product is claimed to help hair look thicker, fuller and denser. With a total of 40 ingredients this hair loss formula has what many believe to be the “science to treat male and female pattern baldness.” But just how good is this plant-based haircare regimen? Here’s our review.

What is Folix 22?

Folix22 is a liquid-based hair health product formulated using a variety of natural ingredients. It is designed to stop hair loss and increase hair density. The formula is easy to apply, fast-absorbing, and above all non-greasy making it ideal for daily use.

Quick Facts

Folix 22

Product Name: Folix22

Country of Origin: USA

Official Website: Website

How Does It Work?

This serum is packed with a high concentration of key ingredients meant to smoothen and protect your hair inside out. As such, the product helps keep your hair sleek and shiny at all times. The product also helps boost hair moisture content helping the hair look brighter and full of life.

Above all, the serum comes with several ingredients that have scientifically been proven to support the hair growth process either directly or indirectly. They include:

  • Saw Palmetto,
  • Argan Oil,
  • Castor Oil,
  • Peppermint,
  • Curcuma Longa,
  • Niacin,
  • Biotin among 33 other ingredients.

The product which is Made in America comes with a 180-day money back guarantee which is designed to ensure that its users get value for money.

How to Apply Folix22 Serum

Apply 2 or 3 drops of the product directly on the hair once per day. One may need to massage the scalp gently in order to ensure that the serum is well distributed (this isn’t mandatory though).

Also, massaging the scalp is one way to support healthy hair growth.

Some find the application to be optimal when done on towel-dried hair after shampooing and conditions. Others may, however, be just fine by applying the product directly onto dry hair.

Folix 22 User Reviews

Like any other product, Folix22 attracts both good and bad reviews. The good news is that a majority of its reviews are highly positive suggesting that this product has a high user satisfaction rate.

As a relatively new brand, however, Folix22 still has a long way to go to win the trust of online shoppers. There is also room for improvement in how they handle their customer support – some shoppers feel they could do a better job of following up on queries raised.

In a nutshell, Folix 22 is not a scam. This is a credible product that is sold on a website that is properly secured. It is also available on sites like Amazon and Walmart.

However, like any other purchase it is advisable to do your due diligence and carry out independent research before settling for this or any other online product.

How It Compares to the Competition

So, how does this hair product compare to some of the leading names in town? First off, this product is not related to the Folexin Hair Supplement despite the two sharing near-similar names. Folexin comprises capsules that have to be swallowed while Folix22 is a serum that needs to be applied topically.

And just so you know, Folexin is our best-rated hair growth support supplement here yet.

Folexin Bottle

More About Folexin

Vegamour Serum is one product that perhaps closely resembles Folix 22. Both serums are made from plant-based ingredients and are cruelty-free. However, the former is more popular and well-known out there and, therefore, has more credibility than the latter. Learn more about Vegamour here.


A monthly supply of the product will set you back $189.99 if bought from the official website.


Folix 22 is an over-the-counter hair serum that is designed to increase hair volume and stop thinning. It is made by an American company and comes with a 180-day money back guarantee. However, the brand is relatively new and, therefore, it is advisable to do one’s due diligence prior to buying it or any other similar products.

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