Classic Hair Length: Everything You Need to Know About It

Long hair is normally categorized into different body-part-related stages usually with names like shoulder-length, bra-strap etc. But one category that stands out is the classical hair length (also known as classic length). Unlike the other categories, this one isn’t named after any specific part of the body.

As such, this leaves most people with questions like “Just how long is the classic hair length?” or “Why did this hair length get the name in the first place?”

What Is the Classic Hair Length?

The words classical hair length refer to the kind of hair that’s long enough to cover the butts when one is standing and long enough to sit on. It usually stretches up to the area where the buttocks meet the hips.

It is slightly longer than tailbone length hair but slightly shorter than mid-thigh length hair. Some stylists often refer to it as butt-covering hair length.

An example of classic hair length
An example of classic hair length. Image is courtesy of @helianis09 on Instagram. Follow her for more.

Why Is It Called So?

Well, this hair length is thought to have acquired its name from the classical paintings of the Renaissance era that depicted women having extra-long, healthy locks. Historically, long hair was a sign of health and wealth meaning most women used to leave their hair to grow freely rather than cutting it.

Naturally, this is also the terminal hair length for most people. That means, it takes extra effort and a bit of magic from one’s genes to exceed this length.

Another possible explanation for the use of the name “classic hair length” is the need for euphemism.

Euphemism refers to the situation where you substitute a word or an expression that may be found offensive or unpleasant. And since this hair length sits right on top of the butts, it is possible that hair stylists saw it wise to use the word “classical” instead of “ass.”

If you look carefully, the word “ass” makes part of the spelling for clASSical.

How To Determine if You Have Classic Hair Length – Useful Chart

So, is your hair bra-strap, waist-length, calf-length, or classical? It’s easy to determine this on your own at home. And while most blogs out there recommend using tape measures and other measuring objects, we believe that the best way to measure hair length is by body parts rather than inches.

Here are some steps to help you out:

Step One: Straighten Your Hair

A simple hair straightener is pretty much all you need for this. Without a doubt, straightened hair looks longer and more glamorous too. As such, it helps you get the max length of your hair.

Step Two: Part Your Hair in the Middle

Have you been parting your hair on the side? It’s now time to change things a little. Start by parting the hair in the middle and let it fall back freely. Normally, side-parted hair takes a few inches away from your actual length.

Step Three: Set-up Your Camera

Find a well-lit section of the room, set your camera in such a manner that it can capture photos of you from behind. You can always get a friend to help you with this.

Step Four: Stand Facing Straight Ahead

This is a no brainer. With your hair fully rolled out, stand straight facing gently upward. Avoid extremes. Don’t face downward or extremely up toward the ceiling. Just adopt a comfortable posture with a slight lift of the head.

Step Five: Choose the Best Photo for Analysis

Hopefully, your camera will manage to capture a usable photo of your hair from behind. Now, use the following chart to determine where your mane falls in this categorization. If your hair is of classic length it’ll sit slightly below your butts.

Hair length chart showing lengths from neck to classical length
Hair chart illustration. Image Credits @jasmine_lars on Instagram follow her for more.

Benefits of the Classical Hair Length

  • Classical hair allows numerous variations in hairdos ranging from buns to ponytails and even totally straight
  • Who needs a beanie when you have such long hair? This kind of hair can protect you from the cold, easily.
  • Men are generally drawn to long-haired women since time immemorial (obviously not the most important point here, – always look good for yourself first)
  • It is a clear sign that you love yourself and that you’re taking good care of yourself
  • Playing with long hair is definitely fun…simply put, more hair, more fun

Disadvantages of Classical Hair Length

  • Hair-care isn’t cheap and yet the longer the hair, the greater the quantities of products needed for it
  • Might attract unnecessary attention something you might not like if you’re an introvert

Final Thoughts

The merits of having your hair grow to the butt-length certainly outweigh the demerits. So, if you’ve been thinking of adding a few inches to your mane, go for it. You can always use some vitamin supplements to your advantage. But as we always say, always do what makes you happy.

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