Is Lindsay Lohan Naturally A Red Head?

Lindsay Lohan has been gracing our screens since she was 10 and boy has it been wonderful to have her. Her hair, though, has to be the one thing that stands out about this actress cum singer.

Portrait photo of Lindsay Lohan showcasing her beautiful colored hair
A photo of Lindsay Lohan showcasing her beautiful, colored hair. Original Image Courtesy: lindsaylohan Instagram

Lindsay Lohan is one of the lucky few people to have an auburn natural hair color. The cute mom of one, however, has a long story behind her perfect-looking mane. Let’s delve deeper.

What’s Up with Lindsay Lohan’s Natural Hair Color?

Lindsay Lohan was born in July 1986 in New York to parents with Irish and Italian roots. She started gracing our TV screens at the tender age of 10 on the soap opera “Another World.” Her biggest breakthrough, however, came through the movie “The Parent Trap” in which she played the roles of two identical twins separated at birth.

It’s from these early moments of her acting career that one can get a glimpse of Lindsay Lohan’s dark red hair color.

Rich, regal, and vibrant are just but a few adjectives one can use to define this rare hair color.

Young Lindsay Lohan head circled in red showing her natural hair color as featured in the film "The Parent Trap"
Young Lindsay Lohan head circled in red showing in the film “The Parent Trap.” Original Image courtesy: IMDB

She Loves Keeping Us All Guessing

Though she is a natural red head she loves to keep her fans guessing. You’ll find her experimenting with different hair colors. Some of the colors she likes to experiment with include:

  • Strawberry blend
  • Copper
  • Black
  • Caramel
  • Lightened red
  • Platinum blonde

Needless to say, Lindsay is quite daring with her hair. Luckily, she always looks fabulous with all the hues.

Where Did She Get Her Natural Hair Color From?

Both of Lindsay’s parents have Irish roots. One fun fact about Ireland is that it is among the countries of the world with the highest concentration of red-haired people. For every 10 Irish people you come across 4 carry the MC1R gene responsible for red hair development.

For Lindsay, both her parents having roots in Ireland means she also got to inherit the ginger gene. People with this gene possess high levels of the pheomelanin pigment responsible for the red hair color.

On the contrary, individuals with black hair have the eumelanin pigment to thank.

Interestingly, none of Lindsay Lohan’s parents has this eye color so it is difficult to tell which one of them gave this rare but coveted gene to her. Her mom prefers to keep her hair dyed blonde while her dad keeps it simple with a healthy black colored mane.

Her brother Dakota Lohan has brown hair. The same applies to her half-sister Ashley Kaufmann.

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