HairoNex Supplement in Review: Our Honest Opinion

The hair is a crown many of us wear with pride. And so you can imagine what happens when it starts to fall off and thin out – one can get frustrated or downright stressed.

Because of that, there has been a growing interest in hair supplements and you can now find various hair pills in the market.

That is a good thing right? We think not, only because most of the products in the market promise a lot and deliver very little.

Our curiosity was aroused…

When we heard of the HairoNex hair supplements, we had to find out if it was a worthy product or not because it claims to be backed by science.

This is something that similar pills in the market lack. HairoNex is an all-natural hair supplement that promises fuller and healthier hair. But does it really work?

We can say that we are off to a good start because the online reviews about the product are quite positive. However, our experts are of the opinion that this supplement is grossly overpriced and that cheaper, more effective alternatives exist.

Fact File

Product: Haironex Hair Vitamins

Manufacturer: Health Research Insitute

Country: Made in USA

Best Price: Check on Amazon

HairoNex Latest Ratings & Overview

Haironex By Health Research Institute Review

HairoNex is a natural supplement designed to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. The product claims to be completely natural with no side effects and we think most people appreciate that.

After all, we all want to use safe products.

The creator of HairoNex claims that the product works to improve the quality of hair and stimulate its growth as well.

It comprises ingredients that promote the body’s natural hair-growing process by encouraging the flow of nutrients to the scalp to improve the overall health of hair follicles.

The supplement also contains minerals that promote gradual hair growth and reduce shedding.

How it Works

Illustration of How Haironex Works
Illustration of How Haironex Works courtesy:

HairoNex claims to be the best hair supplement in the market since it improves hair quality and promotes its growth as well.

A single bottle of this product contains 30 pills and you are supposed to take one pill every day for the best results.

The ingredients used to make this supplement are all natural which means that they can be used by any healthy adult without any side effects.

As we have previously mentioned, you have to take a pill each day otherwise, you may not achieve the desired results.


Going through the company’s website, you will find several scientific claims that support the product’s benefits.

This is something most people will appreciate because it assures users that the supplement is legit.

HairoNex works in two major ways: One, it improves the quality of hair and two; it supports overall scalp and follicle health.

The supplement improves the smoothness and thickness of hair by providing it with the building blocks it requires to grow strong and smooth hair strands. Of course, this improves the general look and feel of your hair.

That is not the only thing that the product does; it also improves blood circulation in the scalp and signals the brain to release hair growth hormones known as androgens.

What it Includes – Ingredients List

Ingredients List

HairoNex contains a formula that uses the best and latest when it comes to natural dietary supplementation.

This product does not contain any lab-made ingredients, which means that it is free of artificial products and toxins hence no side effects.

Here are the natural ingredients contained in the supplement.

Reishi Mushroom

This is an ancient ingredient originating from China and works to improve blood circulation in the body. With this improved circulation, your hair follicles will get access to all the nutrients they require to remain healthy and grow thicker and stronger.


Zinc is a vital mineral that has to feature in the human diet. It has been linked to not only healthier skin, but hair as well.

This makes the mineral a useful general beauty enhancer.


Keratin is a vital protein that makes up individual hair strands and fills out the structure (study). This is what makes your hair appear cleaner and shinier.

Vitamin B5

This ingredient is fundamental for the body’s metabolic functions and is important for healthier hair and skin.

Flaxseed Oil

This oil is packed with fatty omega acids that reduce inflammation and nourish hair follicles. Flaxseed oil is also known for improving scalp health.

The fatty acids present in flaxseed oil prevent the hair from becoming dry and brittle.

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This water-soluble vitamin is part of keratin. It works to reduce hair shedding and improve hair quality and growth.

HairoNex Review vs Folexin

Haironex vs Folexin

In our view, both these hair growth supplements are of great quality and, therefore, worthy of your attention.

However, if you’re yet to decide which one of these two to settle for, you might want to consider the following facts.

First off, Haironex’s ingredients are entirely contained within a proprietary blend. As such, it is not possible to tell how much of each one of its ingredients has been used.

This, therefore, means that there’s a lack of transparency on the manufacturer’s part.

Folexin, on the other hand has a better part of its formula laid out for all to see. With it, you can tell just how much Biotin is used per serving.

Likewise, you can easily pinpoint the quantities of Folic Acid, Vitamins and so forth. As such, the manufacturer of Folexin is highly transparent.

In terms of the variety of ingredients used, we think that Folexin has a better variety. The key ones worthy of our mention are Biotin, Saw Palmetto, Folic Acid, Horsetail Extract, and Fo-Ti. All these have been studied and proven to help in hair growth.

As for Haironex, you only get Biotin, Keratin, Saw Palmetto and Zinc as the key ingredients that are directly involved in hair growth. We don’t get the logic behind the decision to include keratin alongside Biotin as both perform the exact same role.

If anything Biotin is much more effective when taken as a supplement since it’s easily absorbed in the body.

Lastly, Haironex costs roughly $55 per bottle. On the other hand, Folexin goes for as low as $18 per bottle.

The bottomline is that Folexin is a way better hair supplement. We’d recommend it over Haironex to anyone looking for value. You may click here to see our full review of Folexin.


HairoNex comes with several benefits that you are going to enjoy including:

  • It repairs and restores damaged hair follicles.
  • Promises positive results within 60 days.
  • The supplement can be used for all hair types.
  • Administration of the supplement is easy because it is an easy to swallow capsule.
  • The capsule is gluten free hence perfect for those who are allergic.
  • Product comes with a money back guarantee meaning you can get a full refund if it fails to work.


We honestly think that Haironex is insanely priced. There’s nothing too special about its packaging or its ingredients yet it goes for close to $55 per bottle. And to make the matters worse, you have to order at least 3 bottles at once (no option to order a single bottle exists).

One more thing…this supplement is encapsulated in gelatin pills. Plus, since gelatin is obtained from the hooves of animals, it goes without saying that this product isn’t vegan/vegetarian friendly.

Who is the Innovator Behind Haironex?

HairoNex Bottle Next to Researcher

HairoNex is the work of a company known as Health Research Institute based in Los Angeles. This company deals with a wide variety of supplements ranging from weight loss to energy and sexual health.

All the products from this company are manufactured in the USA and are 100% natural.

Customer reviews of Haironex reveal that Health Research Institute pays special attention to its customers and is always willing to provide after sale support.

This is extremely important in an industry with numerous competitors. The products of this company are formulated in GMP-approved facilities that also meet FDA requirements so you can trust their work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Haironex really work?

Anecdotal reports suggest that this product may help support hair growth in some cases. However, it is not an FDA certified hair loss cure. It’s worth keeping that in mind at all times.

How does Hair La Vie compare to Haironex?

The first difference between these two is that Haironex comes in gelatin capsules which are non-vegan while Hair La Vie is encapsulated in vegetable cellulose capsules which are vegan-friendly.

Also, Hair La Vie has a well laid out list of ingredients as compared to Haironex. The former lists its ingredients as a proprietary blend making it difficult to determine the exact quantities of each ingredient used.

Is Haironex Legit?

Yes, Haironex is legitimate. The product has been around for at least 5 years and is yet to be exposed as a scam to the best of our knowledge.

What’s the official phone number for Haironex?

+1 (310) 256-2605 is the official phone number for Health Research Institute and Haironex.

Is Haironex FDA approved?

The Food and Drug Administration does not directly regulate health supplements. However, according to the Haironex manufacturer, the product is wholly made in an FDA approved facility.


The scientific claims of HairoNex are solid, and previous customers claim that the product worked for them.

Besides, the company behind this supplement has a great record of accomplishment of customer service and they provide a money-back guarantee for their products.

But even with all that said, we’re of the opinion that one might find better results using Folexin instead. That’s because it has got a better distribution of ingredients, a great track record and yet goes as a fraction of the Haironex price.

Editorial Note

Post last updated on September 9, 2022.

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