7 Best Bald Spot Spray Products Reviewed For You

If you are balding, then you know that the way society looks at it is a major concern that can significantly diminish your self-esteem.

However, that does not have to be a problem with the best bald spot spray. Such products will help you conceal those empty spaces on your head and restore your confidence.

Want to get your hands on one? Read on to find out how.

Best Bald Spot Spray

Top Bald Spot Sprays: Our Ratings

We want to make your job easier as far as picking bald sprays. In that regard, we have shortlisted seven of the best bald sprays that you can choose from.

1. Eclipse Instant and Hair Filler

Eclipse Bald Spot Spray

This product comes in three different sizes ranging from three to eight grams. This means you can pick whatever size you feel will be enough for you or what you can afford at the moment.

What We Liked

The Eclipse Instant hair loss fiber comes in ten different colors that will leave you spoilt for choice. Besides that, it also comes with a pump applicator. This means you can apply the product with precision and we like that!

What Could Have Been Better

The Eclipse hair concealer requires you to use a different finish product after applying. We feel that the manufacturer could have made the product complete with a waterproof finish in a single bottle.


Suitable for all hair types of all hair types and the textures
Can be used by both men and women
Remains intact for long


Doesn’t come cheap

2. FEBRON Hair Building Fibers

Febron balding spot spray

This is perhaps among the best hair thickening fibers in the market. What’s more, both men and women can use it.

What We Liked

This product is able to blend easily with your hair strands to give you a thicker and fuller look. It is all natural hence safe for use.

Besides, its lightweight nature allows for easy styling and we are sure you will appreciate that.

What Could Have Been Better

This product has never been tested on animals. We feel that doing that should be standard procedure and the manufacturer skipped that step. In future, this should not be the case.


Does not contain any harsh chemicals
Suitable for all hair colors


Has a slight red undertone (the light brown spray)

3. Hair Thickness Maximizer

Maximizer 2.0 Spray

We can safely say that this is a first-rate product made from natural ingredients. What does that mean for you? Well, only that you should not expect any serious side effects while using the Hair Thickness Maximizer.

What We Liked

We love that the manufacturer made this product particularly with hair in mind. It is designed to conceal balding, thinning, and receding of hair. What more could you ask for?

What Could Have Been Better

The product comes with an applicator for easier application but the formula is not as lightweight. The manufacturer could have made the product lighter in terms of consistency.


Easy application
Pleasant smell
Thickens hair


Not ideal for the hairline (quite messy)

4. Toppik Fiberhold Spray

Toppik FiberHold

This spray’s formula uses refined first-rate balms to blend thinning hair with the product resiliently and naturally hence giving you an authentic, fuller look.

What We Liked

Toppik Fiberhold spray contains natural ingredients that work to condition and soften your hair for that natural look.

This means you can even brush your hair and style it once the spray dries.

What Could Have Been Better

Seems like this spray is a little too abrasive for some people and we feel like the manufacturer could have made the formula less harsh.


Smells great



5. Minnow Hair Building Fibers


This product will have your hair looking fuller and thicker instantly. Made of colored, natural Keratin, this product blends seamlessly with your hair for a natural look.

What We Liked

This product can be used by both genders to give thinning hair a natural fuller appearance. It is able to resist perspiration, water, and wind. The best part however, is that it comes with a money-back guarantee.

What Could Have Been Better

The packaging of this product seems to be faulty because there are complaints about it coming apart and pouring the contents out. We think that the manufacturer could have done a better job at reinforcing the lid of this product.


Easy to use
Blends easily with hair


Quite harsh

6. HAIR ILLUSION – 100% Natural Real Human Hair

Hair Illusion

Just as the name suggests, the Hair Illusion does use fibers made from real human hair. Of course, this sets this particular product apart from others in the market.

What We Liked

We love that this particular product comes with an assortment of shades. That is not all; it is also suitable for all hair types so no one is left out when it comes to reaping the benefits of this hair concealer.

What Could Have Been Better

Although this hair concealer claims that it can conceal advanced bald spots, that will depend on your scalp’s health.
We feel that the manufacturer should have mentioned that.


Uses real human hair
Does not block hair follicles
Comes in different shades


No ingredients list

7. Toppik Colored Hair Thickener

Toppik Colored Hair Spray

The Toppik Colored Hair Thickener works to instantaneously rejuvenate your hair color and conceal root regrowth. It also doubles up as a scalp concealer to give the illusion of a fuller head of hair.

What We Liked

This concealer spray is as lightweight as they come and works to match your preferred hair color. It dries rapidly and will not transfer. We are sure you will appreciate not having stained pillows or clothes.

We also loved that the formula of this product is safe for daily use.

What Could Have Been Better

This spray easily washes away with shampoo and we feel that the manufacturer could have made the formula more long lasting.


Great coverage
Long lasting
Easy to use


Impossible to control amount of product that comes out

Factors to Consider When Buying a Hair Loss Concealer

Did you know that a hair concealer should blend in seamlessly with your hair for that natural look? Here are a few factors to consider when purchasing yours to ensure you pick the best.

  • Color Variety

We all have different hair colors. As such, hair concealers should also come in a broad range of colors. This will make it possible to match your concealer of choice with your natural hair color.

  • Fiber Material

Hair concealer fibers are made from different materials including real human hair, keratin, wool, and cotton.

You want to lean towards fibers made from real hair or keratin because these build your hair follicles naturally.

  • Resistance Factors

Your hair concealer of choice should be waterproof and heat resistant, as this will allow you to wear the concealer confidently.

Will My Smooth Bald Spot Grow Back Again?

Yes, recurrences are common, but there is hope of restoring hair on balding spots. For one, it is recommended to take supplements that are rich in biotin and saw palmetto.

Those two ingredients are quite important for hair growth. Saw Palmetto in particular is a good, natural DHT blocker.

One supplement that brings those two together is Folexin (read its review).

Besides that, you can opt to go for topical ointments or steroid injections. These are known to restore lost hair since they address the fundamental immune issues that causes balding.

Side Effects of Balding Hair Sprays (Fibers)

While balding hair sprays do a good job at concealing thinning hair, they do come with a few side effects such as:

– Redness and irritation in case you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the hair spray or you have an extremely sensitive scalp.

– Pimples and bumps if you continue to use the fibers without giving your scalp and hair time to breathe.

– More hair loss and thinning especially if you use substandard products. This is because the ingredients in such products suffocate hair follicles and subsequently cause more hair loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have answered some commonly asked questions that may be of help.

Q: Do hairsprays cause hair loss?

No, they do not. However, pulling your hair tightly consistently can cause hair loss.

Q: Do hair fibers grow hair?

No, they do not. However, they do promote the growth of healthier and stronger hair because they contain ingredients that stimulate the scalp.

Our Top Pick

Eclipse Bald Spot Spray

After all is said and done, our top pick in this list has to be the Eclipse Instant and Hair Filler. Why? This hair concealer comes in different sizes to fit your budget as well as your demand.

That is not all; the Eclipse Hair Filler also comes in ten different shades. We are sure you are going to find one that will match your natural hair color!

To cap it all off, this product comes with an applicator that makes it easier to apply evenly.

Final Thoughts

Bald spots or thinning hair should not be a cause for alarm because as you can see, there is always a solution.

We have done the hard work of bringing this guide together so picking the right product should not be a problem.

Our entire list contains premium products so knock yourself out as far as choosing; you will not go wrong.

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