Best Oils for High Porosity Hair: What You Need To Know

It is common knowledge that hair needs moisture to look beautiful and remain healthy. Therefore, we understand your excitement when your hair absorbs any products that you apply.

That said; you may be among those people who wonder why their hair tangles easily, tends to freeze, or looks and feels dry even after applying a generous amount of oil.

Chances are that you are suffering from high porosity hair. You see, with this kind of hair, the question is not whether the hair is able to absorb product, but rather its ability to keep moisture locked in.

Oils for High Porosity

Natural oils come with an abundance of hydrating properties and seal your hair cuticles so that they can lock moisture in.

Good High Porosity Hair Oils

So, which are the best oils for high porosity hair? We have compiled a list of some popular ones below.

Coconut Oil

This is one of the best sealing oils that also nourish the scalp. It is extracted from the coconut fruit and has an abundance of vitamin E.

Okay so? Well, vitamin E is known to supply a lot of moisture to the hair and that is exactly what you want when you have high porosity hair.

Since this oil is also a bit heavy, it is also ideal for repairing damaged hair.

Hemp Seed Oil

Cannabis sativa is the source of this oil since it is extracted from its seeds. A 2014 study reveals that Hemp seed oil is rich in fatty acids and that makes it ideal for high porosity hair.

Besides, the oil improves your hair’s elasticity, adds sheen, and locks in moisture. It also acts as a hair strengthener since its fatty acids aid in keratin bonding.

Hemp seed oil is also very nutritious for the skin and since your scalp is part of skin, you can already tell that you are going to reap some benefits from this oil.

Jojoba Oil

This is another one of the most suitable oils for high porosity hair. It is perfect because it almost similar to sebum, the oil that is naturally produced by the scalp.

Jojoba oil has a slight nutty scent and is ideal for high porosity hair because it is a bit waxy – not too much. It is for this reason that this oil is able to lock moisture in your hair without leaving residue.

Castor Oil

This oil is derived from the castor plant. It heals and revitalizes and this is what makes it ideal for high porosity hair.

Wait! That is not all. Not only does castor oils lock moisture in your hair strands, it is also beneficial for your scalp.

It has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help combat any scalp problems you might be facing while supplying your hair with the moisture it requires.

Olive Oil

By now, it is obvious that the oil you pick for your high porosity hair should be able to seal in moisture.

Well, olive oil does more than that because it also nourishes the scalp with its fatty acids. It can help manage dry hair, dandruff, and a dry scalp all at the same time.

This oil is heavier than coconut or jojoba oil, so it easily moisturizes your hair and seals your hair strands effortlessly.

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Final Thoughts

Now you now that high porosity hair easily absorbs oils and water but has a hard time locking in that moisture.
Needless to say, this can make your hair prone to breakage, tangling, and frizz. That is not to say that there is no hope of for you if you have this kind of hair.

One of the best ways to ensure that your hair seals in moisture is by using natural oils that can close your hair cuticles.

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