How to Use Rosehip Oil for Hair Loss Management

Hair loss is a nightmare – literally. We do not know of anyone who would be comfortable having a full head of hair one day and have chunks of the same hair falling off the next day.

If you are undergoing this dreadful experience, we have a remedy for you; Rosehip oil.

This is derived from the hips and seeds of rose bushes.

No idea what that is? We are talking about the part of the plant that remains after the rose blooms that looks like a berry.

Rosehip Berries
Here’s what Rosehip berries look like.

How to use Rosehip Oil for Hair: The Benefits

Before we share the how-to guides with you, rosehip oil comes with a host of benefits especially for managing hair loss. Some of them are:

*This oil is easily absorbed into the scalp thus moisturizing and softening it for better hair growth.

*Our hair is exposed to numerous things such as pollution, stress, and other environmental factors that cause oxidant accumulation and ultimately hair loss. Rosehip oil helps eliminate these oxidants and prevents hair loss.

*Regular application of Rosehip oil on hair prevents hair frizz and eliminates split ends.

*The antioxidants and moisturizing properties in Rosehip oil give hair a shiny and healthy appearance. The moisture in the oil keeps hair smooth and silky while the antioxidants prevent your hair from becoming brittle.

Now, there are several methods you can use rosehip oil to manage hair loss so let us get right into them.

Method 1: Using Rosephip Oil Alone

This is perhaps the easiest method because it does not involve mixing or any extra ingredients.

What you need.

*Rosehip oil (1/2 cup)
*Drip bottle
*Mild Shampoo

(1)Find a store that sells ready-made rose-hip oil and buy a bottle. While at it, buy a drip bottle if you do not already have one at home.

(2)Put some of the oil in the drip bottle and dab it into your hair. If you would rather massage the oil into your hair, that is perfectly okay as well.

(3)Allow the oil to sit in your hair for about half an hour. After that, use a mild shampoo to wash off the oil.

(4)Do this for about two months to see if there is any progress.

Method 2: Rosehip and Coconut Oil

The aforementioned oils are known to moisturize and condition hair when combined hence preventing frizz and promoting hair growth.

What you need.

*Rosehip oil (about 1/2 cup)
*Coconut oil (about 1/2 cup)
*A bowl
*Hot water
*A towel

Here is how to go about it.

(1)In a bowl, mix the rosehip and coconut oil.

(2)Heat the mixture

(3)Massage the mixture into your scalp and hair.

(4)Boil some hot water and soak a towel in. Wring out excess water from the towel and wrap it around your head.

(5)Allow the towel to stay on for an hour or so and wash your hair off with a gentle shampoo after.

(6)Do this on a regular basis for best results.

Method 3: Rosehip and Lavender Oil

Generally, oils moisturize the hair and scalp and ultimately promote hair growth. With this Rosehip and lavender oil combination, you are likely to notice positive results within no time.

What you need:

*Rosehip oil (1/2 cup)
*Lavender oil (1/2 cup)
*A drip bottle
*Warm water
*A towel

Here is the preparation process.

(1)Mix the two oils in a drip bottle and shake well for perfect blending.

(2)On your palm, pour a drop or two of the mixture and gently massage into your scalp. Do this gradually from your hair roots to the ends.

(3)Soak a towel in warm water and wring out any excess.

(4)Use the warm towel to wrap your head and stay that way for about half an hour.

(5)Once you are done, wash your hair with mild shampoo and rinse off.

(6)Repeat this frequently for best results.


Clearly, Rosehip oil can benefit your hair in many ways. You will also appreciate the fact that it does not leave any greasiness on the scalp even though it is highly moisturizing (see other non-comedogenic oils).

Our take is that it is worth trying.

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