HairAnew Review << How Effective Is This Supplement?

Hair loss can affect your self-esteem whether you are a man or woman. The worst part is that losing hair is a possibility that follows us around even as we brush our hair.

No one wants to feel less attractive – In fact; we all need the confidence to face the world. That is why when we heard about the HairAnew supplement, we made it our mission to find out if it is any good.

Now, you probably have tried different remedies that have failed to work and are, therefore, skeptical about this supplement.

We understand that and that is why we are going to give you one of the most helpful reviews you’ll ever find about HairAnew. Here we go.

Fact File

Product: HairANew

Manufacturer: Naturenetics

Country: Made in USA

Best Price: See on Amazon

HairAnew Review

HairANew Latest Ratings & Overview

Essentially, HairAnew is a product formulated to promote the growth of hair and prevent thinning and hair loss.
It comprises ingredients that work to address vitamin deficiencies in your body that cause hair loss.

Some of these vitamins are believed to promote hair regrowth in some cases.

HairANew is gluten-free and can, therefore, be used by anyone on a wheat-free diet. Plus, it is made from all-natural ingredients and does not contain any synthetic preservatives.

What does this mean for you? That you will not experience any serious side effects and can use the product for a long time.

Customer Reviews

The product currently enjoys 7,000+ customer ratings on Amazon. 63% of those are 5-star ratings. Most of the complaints posted about this product so far are about quality control issues and pricing.

Some buyer feel that this is just another one of the overpriced supplements stating that it pretty much does what any other cheaply priced Biotin products would do.

One complaint, however, caught our attention…

HairANew Review

In the 1-star review appearing above, Katherine E complains that even though this company lists Bamboo Extract as one of its key ingredients, there are instances when they’ve replaced it with Horsetail Extract without issuing any official communication on this.

The company did come clean on this issue. They admitted that they indeed did change the ingredients without alerting their users. Alas!

Customer Service Response

We don’t know about you but we typically have a difficult time trusting companies that behave like this.

HairANew vs Folexin

We decided to compare this product to our recommended hair growth supplement – Folexin. Which one wins? Let’s take a look.

First off, HairANew contains 5000mcg of Biotin while Folexin contains 600mcg only. That might seem like a huge weakness on Folexin’s part but you have to keep in mind the fact that the latter contains a lot more than just Biotin.

Folexin provides you with other complementary ingredients designed for optimal hair growth. We’re talking about Fo-Ti, PABA, Nettle Root, Folic Acid, Horsetail Extract and above all Saw Palmetto.

As you might be aware, Saw Palmetto does an incredible job of reversing the effects of DHT which is a common cause of hair loss among men.

There’s no Saw Palmetto in HairANew. And that’s a major weakness of that supplement in our view.

-Worth Noting…

In our view, even though HairANew is a great product it can only work best if the only reason behind your hair loss is due to Biotin shortage. Research has shown that Biotin deprivation is rarely the cause of hair loss on its own.

In most cases, issues related to hormonal changes are to blame. Have you been too stressed of late? Are you a man in your 30s, 40s or 50s? You’d be more likely to get better results with Folexin since it addresses all the key pressure points.

However, if you’ve been diagnosed with a shortage of Biotin or have not been having a healthy diet for as long as you can remember, HairANew gives you a good source of this crucial vitamin.

-Which One Wins?

Folexin vs HairANew

We’d still recommend our favorite supplement i.e. Folexin over HairANew because it tackles multiple pressure points at once. That is, it reverses the effects of DHT and still replenishes any vitamin shortages you might be having.

Also, the company behind it, VitaBalance, has a clean reputation. They’re not the type that plays funny games with their ingredients. We’ve been examining their products since 2013 and so far, we’re yet to come across any concerns raised about quality or transparency issues.

We think that Folexin wins this battle. It’s a surer bet and yet costs $5 cheaper.

You may click here to view our full review of Folexin.

How It Works

HairANew contains Biotin as a key agent, which reverses hair loss and actually maintains new hair growth. The product claims to deliver results within three months of using and if you ask us, we think that is not too long a period.

That said; you need to be patient and be careful about what you eat because it actually determines how effective the supplement will be.

For instance, you want to drink lots of water and do away with fried foods to ensure that the vitamins in HairANew work effectively.

Our recommendation would be to try this product for about three months before writing it off. The best thing about this product is that it is suitable for all hair types so whether your hair is colored or kinky, you are bound to enjoy the benefits.

The supplement contains 11 active ingredients designed to help you combat hair thinning and hair loss helping you grow luscious and vibrant thick hair.

What it includes

The supplement contains 11 all-natural and active ingredients. Let us take a closer look at these ingredients.

Vitamin C

Each serving of this supplement contains 750mg of Vitamin C. This promotes healthy growth of hair as well as root hair exfoliation.

This ensures that your scalp is free of toxins and rejuvenated.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is known for keeping the scalp healthy and moisturized. This ingredient is rich in antioxidants that work to repair hair follicles as well.

In turn, this builds healthier tissue and prevents corrosion. Vitamin E also helps in promoting healthy hair growth.


Each serving of HairANew contains 25mg of Niacin. Niacin helps in improving blood circulation as well as providing the necessary nutrients and oxygen to your hair follicles.

This ingredient is mostly responsible for the natural growth of hair.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 moisturizes hair and soothes the scalp. It will help you promote natural hair growth and fight brittle hair.


Hair loss is directly linked to insufficient Biotin. This supplement is rich in Biotin, which helps, in growing healthier and thicker hair.

Each serving of HairANew contains 5000mcg of Biotin.

Bamboo Extract*


This particular ingredient is thought to improve hair moisture and maintain the natural sheen of hair. This may improve elasticity. Also, Bamboo is rich in silica which further enhances the quality of your hair strands.

You should note that the company behind this supplement has in the past admitted to replacing bamboo extract with horsetail extract without notifying the consumers (see here).

Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic Acid is essentially a B5 Vitamin that supplies your hair with all the moisture it requires. It combats hair thinning and helps keep your hair follicles healthy.

This supplement contains 40mg per serving and is one of the main agents in promoting hair growth.


Shortage of Zinc can cause unhealthy hair follicles. Zinc helps regulate hormone levels and helps in boosting your immunity.

This supplement contains 15mg of Zinc per serving.


Kelp is an active ingredient in HairANew and is rich in amino acids and iodine. How do these benefit you? Well, they work to combat hyperthyroidism a condition that mostly makes you feel lethargic all the time.

Kelp is works collaboratively with other ingredients to improve the health of your hair and you get 150mg of the same per serving of the HairANew supplement.


Inositol is a B8 Vitamin that works to boost hair growth. Hyperandrogenism is a condition that is known to cause alopecia especially among men and Inositol helps in combating that while keeping your scalp healthy by keeping your hormones in check.

This supplement contains 50mg of Inositol per serving.

Ginko Biloba

Ginko Biloba works to improve blood circulation. Above all, it helps combat stress since it’s an adaptogen. As you know, stress is one of the leading causes of hair loss.

Potential Advantages

The following are the benefits you will get to enjoy when you purchase the HairANew supplement.

  • The product’s ingredients are all-natural and therefore does not come with any serious side-effects.
  • Supplement has gone through six laboratory tests to verify its safety and efficacy and can therefore be trusted to deliver results.
  • The manufacturer of this supplement backs their products by availing first-rate customer care and conversant staff.
  • Comes in capsule form. This makes it easier to take.
  • The product is sold online, therefore, easy to access.
  • Fully vegan and vegetarian friendly. This is good news to people who care about animals.

Potential Drawbacks

Everything under the sun has its own flaws. The following are the ones you should expect from this supplement.

  • There are reports of people saying that they did not notice any considerable improvements on their hair growth even after using the supplement.
  • The supplement has been reported to cause skin breakouts.
  • It may fail to deliver the expected results if what you’re facing is a drop in the levels of testosterone (quite common in men aged 30 to 50).

About the Manufacturer


Naturenetics is the company behind the HairANew supplement. It focuses on coming up with products made from natural ingredients.

The company even goes an extra mile by paying independent labs to test the efficacy and safety of their products.

The founder of Naturenetics is one Graeme Potter. He’s a shadowy figure who doesn’t seem keen on talking about his professional qualifications or personal life.


We absolutely love the fact that HairANew is a rich source of Biotin. We also like the fact that it contains nothing but natural ingredients which have been thoroughly tested (save for the concern we talked about earlier). But so is Folexin which is cheaper, cleaner, and also contains Saw Palmetto which is a DHT blocker.

Don’t get us wrong, though. HairANew isn’t a pathetic product but based on our comparative research, we’re of the opinion that you might get better results using Folexin instead.

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