How to Use Ginger for Hair Growth [Step-by-Step]

Hair is the ultimate crown of our looks, wouldn’t you agree? It is, therefore, very disheartening when you begin to lose hair or experience stunted hair growth.

Of course, there are numerous products in the market that promise wild hair growth but as you will realize, they will hardly deliver.

Besides, some of these products contain harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to your hair and scalp. That is why most people nowadays prefer to go the natural way.

One of the best natural remedies for hair loss has to be ginger because it offers numerous benefits when it comes to hair growth.

DIY Guide on Using Ginger to Support Hair Growth

Let us look at one simple Ginger recipe that can help you reclaim your hair.

Ginger Hair Loss

Ginger and Oil Mask

Ginger is a great remedy for growing hair because it contains minerals and vitamins that encourage hair growth.
Besides, it improves blood circulation in your scalp and leaves your hair smelling fresh.

What you will need

*1 large sized ginger
*Drip bottle
*Sieve or a clean piece of cloth
*Grater & blender
*Measuring cup
*Shower cap
*Carrier oil of your choice
*Half a cup of water

How to Make and Apply

Step 1

Take your large piece of ginger (it needs to be large for grating or blending purposes) and remove the skin using a knife.

You want to be as economical as possible while removing the skin to ensure that you do not waste too much of the ginger.

Step 2

Once you have peeled the ginger, you want to rinse it with water to get rid of any dirt. Take your grater and start grating the ginger into fine grits.

If you have a blender, the process will be even faster and easier for you because all you have to do is toss the piece of ginger in and let the blender do its job.

Step 3

After getting your blended or grated ginger, you want to put it on the sieve (strainer) or piece of cloth. If you have the ginger on a sieve, use a spoon to push the juice out.

Blended ginger on strainer

If it is a piece of cloth, you want to gather the ginger together and squeeze it out into your measuring cup. This will give you concentrated ginger juice.

Step 4

Ginger juice on its own is very potent and can irritate your scalp. As such, you want to dilute it with a bit of water.

Once you have done that, you want to measure an equal amount of oil as your ginger juice and mix. You can use an oil of your choice.

It could be olive oil, castor oil, or even coconut oil; whatever you prefer.

Step 5

Once you have a well-combined mixture, you want to pour it into a drip bottle for easier application into your scalp and hair.

Step 6

Section your hair for easier application and apply a generous amount of the mask into your hair. Massage your hair concentrating on the roots and the scalp for about ten minutes.

After this, you want to tie your hair, put on a shower cap, and let the mixture sit for 45 minutes to an hour.

Step 7

Use mild shampoo and warm water to rinse the mask off.

You want to repeat this process twice a week for best results.


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Benefits of Ginger for Hair Growth

Now that you know how to use ginger to grow your hair, it is time to learn of its benefits for your hair.

(1) Ginger promotes blood circulation in the scalp and this signals the brain to release androgens, which are the hormones responsible for hair growth.

(2) The herb has anti-inflammatory properties, which are beneficial for your scalp. By reducing inflammation, hair is able to grow in a healthier manner.

(3) Ginger contains essential fatty acids that prevent your hair from thinning while strengthening it from the roots to the tips.

(4) Plus, it is a natural hair conditioner that prevents hair breakage and ultimately hair loss.


You can never go wrong by using natural products on your hair because you are not likely to experience any side effects.

By using the ginger mask we have discussed, you can prevent hair loss and encourage growth of new hair.

Therefore, if you want to give your hair a break from all the harsh chemicals, this remedy is definitely worth trying.

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