Best Hair Loss Forums: Our Top 10 Picks

Best Hair Loss Forums

Anytime you are in a public space, it is common to find strangers engaging in small talk on various subjects such as business, the weather, sports and so on. However, how many times has a random person approached you for advice regarding hair loss?

It is almost impossible for such a scenario to unfold. This is because hair loss is a sensitive issue which many people are uncomfortable discussing in public.

Note that it may even be hard to engage in this topic with close friends and family due to the embarrassment it may bring.

Well, thanks to the internet, there are numerous online hair loss forums that you could join where you get to interact with people going through a similar situation.

Why Join a Hair Loss Forum?

The main advantage of a hair loss forum is that it offers you anonymity as you share out your hair loss issues. No one would know who you are, and thereby you can avoid the embarrassment that you would have faced in a one-on-one conversation.

Besides the sharing, these forums also act as reliable sources of information regarding hair-restoration treatments and products. You may also get information regarding ongoing research that aims to find a permanent solution to hair loss.

These forums also contain inspirational stories by individuals who have experimented with hair loss products and achieved positive results. You also get to hear about people who have chosen to do without hair.

Best Hair Loss Forums Reviewed & Compared

There are many hair loss forums out there, with some not living up to their potential. They may either be dormant or simply do not have anything useful to offer.

For this reason, we have done the hard work for you and researched the best hair loss forums that you may find.

Just by reading this forum’s motto, you are going to feel welcome and comfortable knowing that you would be interacting with people going through similar experiences.

This website is very easy to navigate while the home page gives you regular updates regarding hair loss research through its integration of Facebook and Twitter live feed.

The main topic in this forum is surgical hair restoration, and it recommends the best surgeons for the job. It also gives you an idea of what you may go through after the restoration procedure.

Founded by Spencer Koben, the founder of The American Hair Loss and The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, this forum touches on both surgical and non-surgical hair replacements.

It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. You have the option of joining in the ongoing chats, or you could just browse through and pick up and apply any information that you deem useful.

The third forum on our list was founded in 1999, and it aims to enable people going through hair loss distinguish between fake and genuine products.

You also have the opportunity to air out your problems, and you will get instant responses to address your issue.

The website claims that all the information on it is acquired from world-class dermatologists, and everything is backed by scientific research.

You may also appreciate the fact that the discussion groups are divided into those for men and women.

It seems like forever that this website has been giving hairline restoration tips to both men and women. The site uses information from leading doctors and specialists worldwide to offer scientific solutions to hair loss.

The discussion forum comprises different sections including supplements, surgical and non-surgical solutions.

Additionally, there is a special section that addresses hair loss in women.

Once you submit your query, you can expect a professional answer within 24-hours.

Just as the name suggests, this website provides a forum for women experiencing hair loss. It creates an avenue through which such women can rant and vent about their hair loss issues.

The women can discuss their experiences anonymously, plus those with success stories also have a chance to share their experiences.

Besides the discussion forum, this site also has useful links to articles with information on causes of hair loss as well as how you could treat it.


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Unlike the other forums which we have analyzed above, Sly Bald Guys is for those men who have chosen to embrace a hairless life. It has an element of fun, and it makes hair loss to be a light-hearted affair.

The website offers useful tips on how you can maintain your bald head, including safe shaving, plus you also learn on how you can maintain your self-confidence even with the unique look.

On top of everything is a section that members can talk about fitness, sports, and relationships.

This site aims to provide a point where women living with Alopecia can share out their experiences and challenges as they live with this condition.

The individuals in the forum also discuss the various treatment options available and whether or not they are effective.

The forum attempts to clear the air on issues about Alopecia including its causes, symptoms and the impact it can have on the carrier’s life such as on her relationships.

Since the site emphasizes on photo and video sharing as well as personal blogs, women with Alopecia would be empowered with this forum into believing in themselves.

The site also provides links to shops selling products that bald women may find useful including wigs, cosmetics, and turbans.

You may like how fast the website loads and this would help you save on time.

  • Reddit

Reddit is, for sure, one of the best places to find conversations about hair loss experiences and remedies. But since this is a relatively large social media platform, you need to be sure to find the right subreddit.

Our research revealed that the r/tressless subreddit is quite a good one for anyone struggling with alopecia. It is home to more than 44,000 members. As you know, one good thing with this social media platform is that it enables you to post your experience anonymously.

Other noteworthy Subreddits include r/Hairloss (with 3,500 members) and r/FemaleHairLoss (with 2.1K members).

Based in the UK, this is a self-help platform for sufferers of hair loss as well as those seeking hair restoration.

The hair loss community discusses the various issues facing them, including their transplant experiences. Further, the members also discuss different surgeons and whether they are reliable.

The moderator of this group aims to give crucial advice on hair loss as well as surgical restoration and is keen to provide reliable information that would lead to safe hair restoration practices.

Also, the forum has a section where members post before and after pictures after visiting specific surgeons.

You should appreciate how organized this forum is, and it even has a section that is specifically dedicated to women’s issues.

The Smart Patients platform is more than just a forum for alopecia areata sufferers. We think of it as a one-stop-shop for anyone suffering or recovering from baldness.

It was created by Roni Zeiger and Gilles Frydman. Roni once used to work for Google as a Chief Health Strategist. On his part, Gilles is an expert in creating and nurturing online communities having created the Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR) back in 1995.

The Smart Patients platform is a healthy and productive online support group for anyone facing hair loss. It has got mature conversations and its moderators offer highly resourceful support.

Note That

There also are other hair loss forums in different languages, including French, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, and Italian, to mention a few. But for this article, we only covered ones that are in English.

Final Thoughts

We understand that hair loss is a sensitive issue that many people frown upon. The online forums provide a handy avenue where an individual can discuss their hair loss situations with full anonymity.

Not only do people discuss their issues, but they also recommend the best specialists and hair-restorations surgeons to each other.

We hope that our article has made things easier for you by analyzing the above sites which we believe are the best out there.

Make a point of visiting each site instead of taking our word for it, and you are likely to pick valuable information from them.

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