How to Use Rice Water for Natural Hair Growth

Are you tired of stunted hair growth or hair thinning symptoms? Unfortunately, this is the reality for a good number of people.

What is even worse is that there are numerous products in the market that promise to remedy the situation but deliver practically nothing.

You do not have to go through all that because there is a solution that works miracles and costs practically nothing.
We are talking about rice water so let us go ahead and find out what this is all about.

So, What Is Rice Water?

How to use rice water for hair growth

Well, it is exactly as you imagine it. You know how you soak rice in water before straining it for cooking? The next time you do that, save the water from the rice because it is the magic formula to healthy and rapid hair growth.

There are two methods of preparing this homemade remedy for hair growth and we are about to delve into them.

Plain Rice Water (How to Make)

This is the simplest method because you get to strain the rice water and use it right away. You will need:

*A sieve
*An empty bottle or jar

How to prepare

Follow the following steps to get your solution. Easy peasy!

Step One

Measure a cup of rice in a bowl and add two glasses of water to it.

Remember to always use this ratio: two cups of water for a cup of rice. Once you add the water to rice, swirl it around until the water turns milky.

Step Two

Strain the rice and put the liquid in a spray bottle.

Step Three

You can apply this liquid on your scalp immediately after preparing it. You may also refrigerate it to prevent it from fermenting especially if you plan to use it a day or two later.

How to Apply

Now that you have prepared some plain rice water for use, it is time to apply it on your hair. Here is how to do that.

Step One

Take a bit of olive oil and mix it with the solution you prepared. Olive oil adds moisturizing properties to the water. Mix to create a smooth paste.

Step Two

Part your hair using a comb to expose sections of your scalp. Apply directly to your scalp. Repeat until you have covered the whole head.

Step Three

Wear your shower cap. Leave it to seat in for at least 30 minutes. Wash off using a mild shampoo. You may repeat this process twice per week.

You may find this video useful:

How to Ferment Rice Water for Hair

The difference between plain and fermented rice water is that plain water is strained a few minutes after soaking rice, while fermented water is left to soak in the rice for one or two days.

Now, with this solution, you have to dilute before using because it turns into a really powerful concoction.

Fermented water will also have a smell to it that may be unpleasant so you might want to add an essential oil of your choice or some orange peels to mask the smell.

For this method, you will need:

*Organic rice
*Olive or coconut oil (optional)
*Mustard (optional)
*A bowl
*Spray bottle

Here’s How To Do It

If you’re wondering how to use rice water for hair growth, here’s how to use it if it’s fermented.

Step One

Put a cup of rice in a bowl and add two cups of water to it. Set aside for about half an hour.

Step Two

Strain the rice to extract the water.

Step Three

Put the solution in a bottle or jar and let it stay for about two days at room temperature.

Step Four

After two days, if there is some sort of smell from the solution, transfer the bottle to the fridge.

Step Five

The solution is now ready for use, but remember to dilute it before applying on your hair because it is highly potent.

How to Use The Fermented Concoction for Hair

The process of applying fermented rice water on your hair should be an easy and uncomplicated one.

Step One

You can use the water either as it is or add some coconut or olive oil to it. Some people prefer to mix the water with mustard to make a paste.

Step Two

Apply the mixture on your hair. You can massage it on to your scalp and let it sit for about twenty minutes.

Step Three

After that, rinse off your hair using a mild shampoo. You may apply your favorite conditioner afterward.

We found this video quite helpful.

Benefits of This Natural Remedy for Healthy Hair

Now that we are able to make rice water, it is time to learn about its benefits on your hair.

Enhances Hair Growth

If you are looking to have wild hair growth, rice water has you covered. This magical solution contains amino acids that regenerate hair and promote rapid hair growth.

The fact that this water also contains vitamins B, C, and E aids in faster hair growth (study). You want to rinse your hair after washing it with the rice solution. Do it at least twice every week for best results.

Eliminates Split Ends

No one likes split ends, they make you look like you are not well put together and paint a picture of unhealthy hair.
Your hair yearns for proteins to avoid and eliminate split ends and what do you know? Rice water is rich in protein!

Split ends are a result of insufficient maintenance and contamination, which lead to a general deterioration in the health of your hair. This special water contains amino acids that work well to repair the damage.

Repairs Hair Damage

This water contains a carbohydrate known as inositol that works to repair damaged hair and improve its elasticity.

The best thing about using this mixture is that even after rinsing off with water, the inositol remains in your hair hence protecting it from damage.

Remedies Dandruff

Nothing is as frustrating as having dandruff on your hair and what is worse is that it comes with itching. Besides, having the flakes falling from your head is embarrassing to say the least.

Rice water relieves itching and reduces dandruff. If you use it regularly, it gets rid of the problem altogether.

Gets Rid of Lice

Although tiny, lice can make life a living hell for you by sucking your blood and giving you sleepless nights.
Well, the starch in rice instantly kills these annoying pests and their nits. Talk about free remedies!


Clearly, rice water is an underestimated home remedy for fast hair growth and several other hair issues. It has been said that the fermented form of it is better because its pH is closer to your own.

Regardless of the variation of this remedy that you choose, you will definitely reap the benefits. It also helps that making the solution is easy and inexpensive.

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