Steven Seagal Hair: What’s Up With It?

In his 70s Steven Seagal has a head full of pitch black hair. Yet at the debut of his acting career, he seemed to be fighting a losing battle with follicular recession. So, what’s the story behind his current near-perfect look? After all, when your hair starts thinning in your late 30s there’s usually no looking back.

Steven Seagal’s Hair Magic: Or Is It?

As big fans of Steven Seagal, we recently came across an old video interview of him by Jimmy Carter. The undated video is all about him responding to questions about a movie he had launched a few weeks earlier titled “Above the Law.”

Steven Seagal showing signs of early hair loss in a 11980s interview with Jimmy Carter
Photograb from the Jimmy Carter YT Channel

The movie was released in 1988 and as such, the interview with Jim Carter must have happened in the late 80s.

At that time, the well-built actor was in his late thirties and already exhibiting clear signs of hair loss.

Does that age (30s) ring a bell?

Scientists have time and again identified the 30s and early 40s as the key stages in life when most people start exhibiting early signs of Androgenetic alopecia (commonly known as male pattern baldness in males).

According to research, male pattern baldness is characterized by hair loss in the vertex and frontotemporal regions. Now, anyone who saw or watched Steven Seagal in the later 80s knows all too well that his hair was thinning fast especially around the frontal region at that time.

An illustration on parts of the head that normally face hair loss in an article on Steven Seagal Hair
Illustration on different parts of the head that face hair loss.

What Looks Have Got to Do with It

One thing you need to know about Steven Seagal is that he has never failed to remind people that his look played a huge role in getting him a role in the massively competitive Hollywood acting scene.

In the interview with Jimmy Carter, he said “The President of Warner Bros was a friend of mine and he had been very interested in me as an actor for a long time he felt that I was very charismatic and that I had a look.”

Steven’s hairline started to recede just when he was getting started in his career. And yet we all know that aging isn’t always well received in Hollywood.

With a whole career ahead of him, Steven could have easily been under pressure to maintain his looks rather than embrace the results of old age.

How Steven Seagal Transitioned to a Head Full of Hair

Something happened to Steven Seagal’s hair between 1988 and 1992 when the movie Under Siege came out.

Steven Seagal Photograb from a 1992 video interview
Photograb from the Jimmy Carter YT Channel

He showed for the 1988 interview about “Above the Law” with a thinning hair line only to re-appear four years later with his frontal region hair looking full. And today, it looks even fuller and darker.

Steven Seagal in 2018 with a pitch black crop of hair
Image Courtesy: @seagalofficial on Instagram

So, it’s either the aikido guru discovered a secret path to the Fountain of Youth or he opted for a hair transplant or wears a toupee. Which is which?

Does Steven Seagal Wear a Toupee or is His Hair Real?

It’s possible to think that Steven Seagal wears a hair piece. However, it’s difficult to confirm that for sure because the hair in his head seems to be matching perfectly. His hair line sure looks strange but the star looks perfectly comfortable with it.

In fact, he rarely fiddles with it which is uncharacteristic of someone wearing a wig or something.

Another reason why we’d rule out the possibility of him wearing a toupee is that his hair looks naturally bouncy.

Keeping all those factors in mind, we’re tempted to agree with the dozens of other hair experts out there who think that Steven’s perfect hair line is as a result of a hair transplant procedure.

But for now, that remains a speculation because Steven Seagal has kept us guessing all along. He’s never talked about his hair and neither has he ever given a hint as to what might have happened to his mane.

That said, the following are the arguments in favor him having undergone a transplant:

  1. His hair looks perfect and uniform throughout his head
  2. He is quite confident and maintains natural head movements
  3. As an A-class celeb, you can bet he has enough cash to hire a top-notch surgeon

The arguments in favor of him wearing a hairpiece are:

  1. His current hairline is too dense for someone his age
  2. He’s rather conservative with his hair style (compared to Elon Musk for instance)
  3. There’s something awkward about his current hairline even though we’re yet to fully understand it

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of gray areas as far as Steven Seagal hair is concerned. From a hairline that was clearing receding across his dome like a steadily melting glacier in the 80s to a super dense pitch-black hair line in the 90s and onward, there’s surely a lot here than meets the eye.

 What matters, however, is that the actor has fully embraced his look and this worked quite well for him especially at the prime of his career at Hollywood.

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