Of Bald Anime Characters and How They Inspire Hope for Baldies

Indeed, there’s no denying that Japanese anime presents some of the most hilarious and exceptional guys who are loved despite their bald scalps. Whether old or young, you won’t resist their roles in animated films and the society in general.

They are strong and ready for whatever life throws at them. Yup, just because you’re balding doesn’t mean that all is lost for you.

anime characters who have bald heads

Here’s a look at 11 bald anime characters that have caught our attention this far.

11 Hair-Free Japanese Animation Characters

1. Saitama (One-man Punch)

Meet Saitama, an enthusiastic and power-driven man (or should we say character). He does not look like a tough guy until you tip him off. His sharp gaze follows with a single punch, which is enough to get his enemies scampering off.

Not just that, he can deliver serious workouts: 100 sit-ups, 100 press-ups, and more than a 10km run daily. Besides a toned physique, the workouts have made him a bald scalp.

Now, imagine having hair alopecia because of working out. There’s some scientific data that ostensibly links extreme exercising with hair loss. However, more research still needs to be done on this.

But for now, let’s let the hair-less Saitama be!

Saitama in One-Man Punch

2. Bob of Fairy Tale

He tends to dress and behave in a feminine way. He is always friendly and looks flirty. He also dresses in spaghetti tops and blends them in gold ornaments. Sometimes, you’ll find him in a flashy pink top and purple shorts.  He applies blush and lipstick too. His small wings are quite conspicuous and aid in his movement.

On the contrary, he has serious outbursts of anger when intimidated. Being the master of the Blue Pegasus Society, he can define and outline right or wrong in his guild.

3. Krillin (Dragon Ball series)

Most fans can relate to his character in the Dragon Ball series. He also has a tiny nose curvature almost invisible. Yet, he can track and smell a delicious meal from a distance. He competes for Roshi’s training and displays strong envy towards his friend Goku.

Krillin and Dragon Ball Japanese anime series logo
Krillin as depicted in Dragon Ball Series

Krillin is Goku’s best friend. However, he competes for Roshi’s attention with Goku. His bald is part of his lifestyle as a monk and he tends to outwit Goku by bending some rules.

Don’t mind having the best partners in society and business? You can be a Krillin in your workplace, right?

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4. Shigekuni Yamamoto (Bleach)

He believes that he is stronger than any ‘Shinigami ‘ever born. He has lived for 1000 years leading as a captain of the Gotei. He is also an old sage and an expert in the ways of his people. However, he does not expect betrayal and incompetence that can get him quite angry. He is a super fighter and you will be lucky to escape with both arms if you confront him.

He complements his bald with a long beard, super-thin eyebrows, and an extra-large Shinigami uniform. His eyes stay in a closed and low position until he has something to say. Although he looks old, he is quite energetic. Besides that, he has skills gained from every battle he had for years as a captain, and he still runs strong.

5. Keith Shadis

How can this disciplinarian in Attack of Titan go unnoticed? He is a trained instructor for the cadet corps. You cant take training from him without gnashing your teeth. Most of the recruits wouldn’t meet him out of mischief because his voice is reprimanding and scary.

Although he felt and acted smart, he couldn’t meet his targets and he finally resigned from his position. His stern nature kept most of his trainees out of his way and that’s why he goes unnoticed in the rest of the plot.

6. Alex Louis (Full Metal Alchemist)

Although we would like to call him bald, he keeps a single strand of hair that touches his face lightly. He complements his bald with a blonde mustache and his super muscular arms.

The kind of strength he has allows him to help others including Edward (the protagonist). He matches with Edward to battle and a single flex of his muscles intimidates the enemies.

Apart from his physique, he is a charm with children and considers them innocent. He sometimes sheds a tear when he feels sympathetic. You can figure him out from a crowd because he is a towering figure at all times.

Alex Louis
Alex Luis in Full Metal Alchemist

7. Ikkaku Madarame (Bleach)

Ikkaku loves to win his battles. Apart from the red scars on his face, he is a powerful Spartan warrior. However, he does not like his bald. He puts off anyone who questions his bald and states clearly that he is a fan of clean shaves. Yet, his bald is all-natural.

His boss Yachiru Kusajishi calls him a ‘chrome dome’ amongst other taunting names for a bald. He also notes that Ikkaku is rude and proud. Ikkaku loves being heroic whether he wins or loses. You don’t like off comments about your looks, do you?

8. Yasushi Takagi

He loves dark shade eyeglasses. Although he is gentle at heart, he may not look like it because of the sunglasses. He loves music and chooses to be a drummer instead of his paralegal job. He shaves off as a lifestyle although he has had a full head of hair before. He is not blabber and whenever he chooses to speak, folks give him their ears.

Apart from that, he dresses in suits and keeps his scorpion ring at all times. He loves to look outstanding and neat at all times. Should he remove his shades, his thin eyebrows give him a stern look but his heart says otherwise. He is also a calm and sexy guy if you should compare him to the rest of the band.

9. Kamaji

Have you ever hated only to like? From Spirited Away, Chihiro and kamaji don’t seem to get along. Kamaji does not want to offer help to her and they end up unreceptive to each other. However, they resolve their issues and become best friends.

Kamaji animation courtesy of HCM Masters of Anime

Kamaji is also known for his spider legs, which give him access to the top of the drawer right from his sitting position. A real human face but his body carries the arms and limbs of a spider. He is also a great herbalist with wide knowledge and memory of herbs. He also keeps a large beard apart from his bald.

For the love of his work, he spends his dinnertime at work. On the other hand, he is known to heat bathing water for his master Yubaba and treats it with his special herbs.

10. Aang

Aang is one talented anime boy at the age of twelve years. He has a mastery of the four elements of life’s balance. He however foretells and promises to restore a balance in all the elements after a fire hazard in the Airbender. He is bald by choice because he keeps shaving constantly, being a monk.

11. Master Roshi (Dragon Ball)

He is the father of martial arts and they call him the Turtle hermit. He is also the trainer for Roshi and Goku. He carries a thick curly mustache and some dark sunglasses to complement his bald. You will see him in his martial suits or beach clothes.

To support himself and his turtle shell on his back, he uses a walking stick for balance. His perverted tricks to get his trainees to lose on a tournament couldn’t work on Krillin, a Saiyan. Master Roshi pretends to be a great trainer (Jackie Chan).

He also wants Nam to keep his identity secret after the tournament and bribes him. Otherwise, some believed that he was immortal and lived almost 300 years as a martial arts teacher.

Hairless Anime Lady Characters

You may find it odd that we haven’t recognized any anime ladies, right? Anime girls also prevail and keep short strands, with weird colors and Mohawks. Yet, some go bald as well. Here’s the thing. They may go unmentioned in the case where both Japanese and Western cultures intertwine. But, we love all these characters.


Hair alopecia is not a matter of age. We have both young and old alopecia. However, the way you treat it makes the difference. The anime characters may be imaginary, but their real lives show how well to balance for a missing feature. You cannot tell how good someone is by his or her physique. Yet, the gifts count in terms of what you can offer.

What’s more, great characters are born, while some are made. You can cover for hair alopecia with some Rogaine. However, you may not instill a personality.

Do you believe in personalities? You may have to look beyond the eye. Not statue, not looks. Otherwise, hope you got to meet your favorite anime character on our list.

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