Hairfortin Review: The Brutally Honest Truth You Need To Hear

There are so many hair loss scams these days. It’s become so difficult to determine what’s legit and what’s snake oil.

We recently came across Hairfortin which is marketed for its “abilities” to help promote hair growth and even restore lost hair.

Their official website has a pushy sales copy and when we saw it, we naturally wanted to find out if indeed this product is capable of living up to its claims. And here now is our unbiased Hairfortin review based on nothing but facts.

Fact File

Product: HairFortin

Manufacturer: Unknown

Distributor: HairFortin

Country: Englewood, CO, USA

Best Price: Check on Amazon

Hair Fortin Pills

Product Review

Hairfortin is a supplement that comes in capsule form that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.

It comprises a combination of ingredients that apparently work to restore thinning hair as well as encourage hair growth.

The manufacturer claims that the product is wholly made in USA and in FDA-approved facilities. We’re, however, yet to come across any meaningful evidence to support that claim. If anything, the FDA is very clear that it does not approve dietary supplements.

That said, manufacturing facilities may have their facilities inspected on request by the authority and issued with an FDA approval number. So far, we’re yet to come across Hair Fortin’s approval number or certificate which is something we’d expect them to be proudly showcasing on their website.

That’s, however, not to say that this product is a scam. The fact that it retails on trusted platforms such as Amazon confirms that it’s a legit product – probably just a victim of deceptive marketing tactics.

How Hairfortin Works

As you start the journey to reclaiming your hair, you first need to understand why it is happening. Generally, factors such as hormonal changes, genetics, and aging are some that influence hair loss.

According to this product’s official website, hair loss occurs due to the clogging up of hair follicles. That happens due to something folliculitis.

So, if you’re losing hair due to genetics, hormonal changes, and stress, this product won’t be of much help to you.

But if you coming across dead-skin flakes in your hair or even shoulders lately, chances are that Hair Fortin might be able to help thanks to the fact that its formula is rich in antioxidants. Talking about the formula, it’s now time for us to take a closer look at its list of ingredients.

Ingredients List


It is important to know what ingredients are contained in Hairfortin and how they actually work.

Here goes.

Andrographis Paniculata

This ingredient is also known as the royal plant and understandably so because it comes with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Other than that, it rejuvenates the scalp helping tame symptoms associated with excessive formation of dandruff and flaking.


Vitamins convert nutrients into energy and that is the role that Biotin plays in this supplement. It facilitates the production of healthy cells that in turn make your hair follicles more flexible for faster hair growth.

Nonetheless, the amount of Biotin in this supplement is a bit too much seeing as it contains 5000mcg rather than the recommended standard dosage, which is 300mcg to 500mcg.


Most people know this Chinese herb for its probable cancer-prevention properties but in the Hairfortin supplement, it works by nourishing your kidney and liver which in turn increases blood flow.

Healthy blood flow may help promote the transfer of crucial nutrients to body organs that need them the most.

Pantothenic Acid

This is a common vitamin ingredient. One of its greatest benefits in the body is that it boosts the production of red blood cells.

A high concentration of RBCs in the blood improves your body’s ability to transfer oxygen to organs that need it in great quantities.

Vitamin A, C, and E

Vitamins work to generally promote hair growth. For instance, Vitamin A encourages the production of sebum, which in turn hydrates the scalp.

Vitamin C hinders oxidative stress brought about by free radicals while Vitamin E comes with antioxidant properties that diminish oxidative stress as well as obstruct the weakening of follicle cells.


Zinc is known to support the proper functioning of oil glands as well as the production of healthy cells.

This keeps your scalp moisturized and ready to support healthy hair growth.


This is a mineral known for supporting bone health. What you probably do not know is that it plays a role in the relaxation and contraction of muscles.


The main role of this ingredient in the Hairfortin supplement is to provide antioxidant benefits but our concern here is that L-methionine can be toxic if taken in abnormally high doses. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm the quantities of L-methionine in this supplement, as it is part of a proprietary blend.

Will It Work for Me?

You need to set your expectations right before you buy this product. Otherwise, you just might end up disappointed with it.

First off, the product is designed to unclog hair follicles which clog up due to folliculitis. Symptoms of folliculitis are excessive production of dandruff, itchiness of the scalp, and flaking.

If you’re experiencing those symptoms, this supplement might be able to help as it is rich in antioxidants.

That said, if you’re facing hair loss due to genetics, stress, age, or any other cause, this supplement will SADLY not be able to help.

In that case, you need something that takes a holistic approach to hair loss. For instance, you need a product that contains antioxidants along with DHT blockers and stress relievers.

Our top recommended hair growth supplement, Folexin, contains all those ingredients and yet costs $19 per bottle while HairFortin goes for $49 per bottle (or $39 on Amazon).


hairfortin vs folexin copy

Potential Side Effects of HairFortin

We are yet to come across any serious side effects linked to this supplement in particular. However, that’s not to say that it is 100% safe. Some of its ingredients can lead to undesirable effects if taken in larger than normal dosages.

(1)High contents of biotin in this supplement may lead to acne

(2)If abused L-methionine may lead to toxicity

(3)Nausea, diarrhea, and/or constipation


It’s not all doom and gloom for HairFortin. Some of its unique benefits include:

*Comprises natural ingredients

*Suitable for both men and women

*The pills are small in size

*Available on Clickbank, a trustworthy source

*Above-average packaging


Not vegetarian friendly

Lacks DHT-blocking and de-stressing ingredients

Pushy marketing tactics

Expensively priced

Final Thoughts

Hair loss is big business out there. So, you want to be really careful as you shop for a dietary supplement to recover from balding on thinning symptoms.

In our view, Hairfortin (available on Amazon) is only ideal if you are facing hair follicle clog up due to folliculitis. Some of the common symptoms of folliculitis include excessive dandruff and white-headed pimples around hair follicles.

If you are not experiencing any of those symptoms, then this supplement might not do much for you.

Plus, we honestly think that it’s overpriced. At $49 per bottle (and 39 bucks on Amazon) we’d have expected it to offer much better value.

Folexin, in our view, offers a much better choice. Besides containing the ingredients in HairFortin, it also contains a DHT blocker (Saw Palmetto) and anti-stress ingredients (e.g., Tyrosine). And yet, it only goes for $19 per bottle.

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